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An injunction is a legal tool intended to provide an interim remedy in legal disputes involving time-sensitive matters. Injunctions can either put an immediate stop to something or can be used to order someone to do something. They are powerful instruments of the law, have serious implications, and should not be requested or responded to without first obtaining clear guidance and advice from a lawyer with significant experience with injunctions.

At Baker & Company, our litigation lawyers have been advising clients on legal solutions such as injunctions for more than 30 years. We are known for being the firm that handles the “complicated stuff”. We do not shy away from the most complex of legal scenarios and regularly help clients through their most thorny and muddled issues, particularly under urgent circumstances that may require an immediate and strategic response.

Types of Injunctions 

There are two main types of injunctions:

  • Prohibitive Injunctions: prevent someone from doing something (e.g. slandering or defaming someone else, harassing someone else, moving money and other assets, selling property, etc.). This is the most common form of injunction.
  • Mandatory Injunctions: require someone to do something (e.g. return of property, restoring damage done, etc.). These are less common and can be more challenging to obtain.

The need for an injunction often arises in an urgent situation or crisis. For instance, if a separated spouse suspects that their ex is moving or hiding assets, unauthorized photos of someone are put on the internet, or the caretaker or power of attorney for an elderly person is going to sell the elderly person’s home or move money around in a situation of suspected elder abuse.

In these types of situations, swift legal action must be taken.

Baker & Company:  Swift Responsiveness for Injunctions 

At Baker & Company, our streamlined and efficient practice is designed to deal with the types of scenarios in which an injunction may be required. Whether you call us or send us an email, you will hear back from us the same day, often within  two hours.

We rely on our significant litigation experience across a wide range of practice areas to advocate for and protect the rights of clients who need a swift legal response.

Contact Baker & Company for Assistance in Obtaining an Injunction 

If you are concerned about a risk to your personal reputation, your business reputation, your assets, or any other interests contact Baker & Company immediately to begin to formulate a strategic legal response. Call us at 416-777-0100 or contact us online to find out how we can protect you.

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