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Toronto Employment Lawyers Advising Employers on Employee Policies

Regardless of the size or type of industry served, it is critical for all employers to have regularly reviewed, up-to-date, and professionally drafted employee policies in place. Along with employment contracts, these important documents provide a foundation for workplace relations and serve to mitigate legal and financial risks.

At Baker & Company our employment lawyers have been advising employers on employee and workplace policies and manuals for more than 30 years. We regularly draft new policies, review and update existing policies, and ensure all relevant manuals comply with relevant legislation. We protect our client interests, help shield them from liability, and ensure they meet their legal obligations.

Workplace Violence and Harassment Policies in Ontario

All employers in Ontario are obligated, by law, to have workplace violence and harassment policies in place. These policies must be in writing, must be regularly reviewed and updated (at least annually), and all employees must be provided training on them.

The policies must address, among other things:

  • What constitutes workplace violence and harassment;
  • The responsibilities of relevant workplace parties (such as managers, etc.) to address any incidents;
  • How employees can make complaints about workplace violence and/or harassment; and
  • How these complaints will be responded to, investigated, and addressed.

Other Workplace Policies 

In addition to having a mandatory workplace violence and harassment policy in place, employers should also consider implementing the following policies:

  • Computer, internet, and data use;
  • Benefit eligibility;
  • Holidays and leaves of absence;
  • Hours of work and overtime;
  • Privacy; and
  • Workplace health and safety.

Contact Baker & Company for Review of Your Employment Policies 

If you are an employer, the highly skilled Toronto employment lawyers at Baker & Company can review your employment policies and manuals, update them, draft new ones where necessary, and ensure that you are meeting your legal obligations while addressing and mitigating risk. Protect yourself, your workplace, and your employees. Call us at 416-777-0100 or contact us online for a consultation. 

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