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A trademark is something that allows a business to differentiate itself from other businesses and provides that business with a distinctive “identity”. A trademark can consist of words, sounds, or designs. A trademark can be an important element in a successful business and a valuable piece of intellectual property since, over time, it can come to represent not only the goods or services a company provides, but also reflect that company’s reputation.

If you are interested in registering a trademark for your business name, business logo, or business tagline/slogan, contact the Toronto trademark lawyers at Baker & Company. Our multidisciplinary practice is run by a team of lawyers and law clerks who share complementary skills and leverage one another’s knowledge, experience, and expertise.

Benefits of Trademark Registration 

A business does not necessarily have to register its trademark. In Canada, trademark rights can be acquired for both registered and unregistered trademarks, and a trademark does not need to be registered in order for it to be protected. However, while there is no obligation to register, the registration of a trademark provides significant benefits for that trademark’s owner.

Some benefits of trademark registration include:

  • Protection of the trademark across Canada for 15 years;
  • Exclusive use of the trademark in Canada;
  • An improved ability to enforce your trademark rights in Canada, including the ability to sue for infringement, and increase difficulty for others to challenge your trademark;
  • An enhanced ability to license your trademark rights to others in Canada, including franchises; and
  • A potential increase in value of your company for prospective investors.

How Can Baker & Company Help? 

At Baker & Company, our trademark practice is built for today’s business environment. We provide responsive, strategic, and pragmatic business and legal solutions in an easily accessible location, ensuring our clients’ needs are met conveniently, efficiently, and with minimum disruption.

We advise on all aspects of registering a trademark, including:

  • Conducting trademark searches;
  • Drafting and filing trademark applications;
  • Communicating with CIPO; and
  • Responding to trademark challenges.

For Assistance with Registering a Trademark Contact Baker & Company in Toronto 

At Baker & Company, our trademark lawyers take the time to meet with you and understand you, your business, and your goals. We take care of everything related to registering a trademark so that you can focus on your business and its growth. Call us at 416-777-0100 or contact us online to hear what we can do for you.


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