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Toronto Expropriation Lawyers Advising Clients Affected by New Highway Construction & Road Widenings

Expropriation means a public authority, such as the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) or a municipality, exercising their power to take over land without the approval of the landowner. This often takes place when there is a large public works project, such as a highway expansion, road widening, or similar. As Ontario’s population continues to grow, and rising property prices in major cities lead more and more people to move outside of the city, the volume of traffic on commonly travelled routes is increasing and the need to expand current highways and widen roads is becoming more and more common.

Expropriation significantly interferes with a citizen’s private property rights. Unsurprisingly, it often leads to legal disputes. If you are a land or property owner and receive a Notice of Expropriation, the process can be bewildering, stressful, and highly emotional.  Your home or your business will be impacted, and you may have to move.

If you have received a Notice of Expropriation or will otherwise be affected by a major public project, such as a road or highway widening, or the building of a new road or highway, contact the Toronto expropriation lawyers at Baker & Company.  We have significant experience in this highly niche area of law and work hard to ensure that you understand your rights, understand the expropriation process, and receive maximum compensation for any losses resulting from an expropriation.

The Cost of Consulting with a Lawyer Will be Covered 

Many landowners may not realize that the Expropriations Act contains specific provisions intended to reimburse landowners for the reasonable legal and other costs associated with determining the amount they are owed following an expropriation.  It is always worth discussing your situation with an expropriations lawyer. It is likely that you will be able to obtain much more compensation than you would if you proceeded through the process on your own, and your legal bills will be covered.

Expropriation of Land for Road Widenings 

The Ministry of Transportation (MTO) is responsible for all 400-series and other major provincial highways in the province. The MTO has significant authority over transportation-related matters in the province and, as a result, has been the expropriating agent in a large number of expropriations province-wide.

Taking on a large entity like the MTO can be daunting but should not feel impossible with the right representation on your side. At Baker & Company, our expropriation lawyers have been advising clients affected by road widenings, highway widenings, and other major public works project for more than three decades. We have represented property owners, homeowners business owners, and tenants all across the province, and have helped them maximize the compensation received.

Damages Resulting from Expropriation 

The body expropriating your land must offer you fair market value for it, in addition to potential compensation for various other factors including:

  • Damages that are the “natural and reasonable consequence of the expropriation” (including business losses, moving costs, etc.);
  • Damages for injurious affection; and
  • “Reasonable” legal, appraisal, and other costs.

If you have questions about what compensation (i.e. damages) you may expect to receive as a result of a highway or road widening that will affect your home, business, or property, contact the Toronto expropriation lawyers at Baker & Company.

If You Are Going to Be Affected by a Proposed Road Widening or New Highway, Contact Baker & Company in Toronto 

If your property is going to be expropriated due to a road widening, highway widening, or building of a new road or highway, contact the highly experienced Toronto expropriation lawyers at Baker & Company. For more than 30 years we have advised property owners and tenants affected by public works projects all across Ontario and ensured that they were adequately compensated following expropriation. Call us at 416-777-0100 or contact us online for a free consultation.

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