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Toronto Family Lawyers Representing Clients in High Conflict Divorces

Separation and divorce rank among the most stressful events that someone can experience in their lifetime. The breakdown of a relationship is intensely emotional, exhausting, and full of uncertainty. It can be even more overwhelming where the process devolves into a high-conflict divorce due to the actions or maliciousness of your former spouse.

If you are involved in a high-conflict divorce, you need guidance and advice from a family lawyer who has dealt with such disputes before. A high-conflict divorce can be much more emotionally draining than a divorce where the parties are amicable and can result in much longer and more expensive dispute resolution and litigation.

At Baker & Company, our Toronto divorce lawyers have helped many clients through high-conflict divorces, providing them with a buffer against a malicious ex-spouse, granting them peace of mind, ensuring that their rights are protected, and working on making what is a challenging process much more efficient.

Why Baker & Company? 

At Baker & Company we are well known for being the firm that handles the “complicated stuff”, including high-conflict divorce and other complex family law matters. We do not back away from the most challenging of legal scenarios and regularly help clients through what will likely be one of the most difficult periods in their lives.

We are both everyday trusted advisors and problem solvers. As advisors, we steer our clients through issues and questions that may arise on a day-to-day basis. We provide pragmatic guidance and advice intended to proactively address matters before they escalate out of control. As problem solvers, we respond quickly and efficiently where a serious concern presents itself and where litigation, or other legal intervention, is required.

Our Service Guarantee: An Important Piece of Mind in High Conflict Divorce 

At Baker & Company we know that, if you are involved in a high-conflict divorce, you want to feel as though someone is on your side. We are committed to being that someone.

Whether you call us or send us an email, you will hear back from us the same day, often within two hours. When you engage us, we will work diligently to keep you consistently informed and updated throughout the progress of your separation and divorce.

What is High Conflict Divorce? 

A high-conflict divorce often arises where one or both parties want to win at all costs, and do not want to cooperate, come to any sort of middle ground, or work towards a resolution that would be best for both parties (and their children).

Some hallmarks of a high-conflict divorce include:

  • Ongoing anger and resentment, and inability to move forward;
  • Inability to communicate calmly and rationally, or inability to communicate at all unless through a third party;
  • Contentious and ongoing disputes over financial aspects of separation including division of property, spousal support, and child support;
  • Contentious and ongoing disputes over custody and access to children, even when there is a parenting plan in place;
  • Badmouthing the other parent to the children;
  • Placing children in the middle of a dispute; and
  • Shaming or badmouthing the former spouse on social media.

At Baker & Company, our experienced and compassionate family lawyers help clients who find themselves in a challenging post-separation situation with an ex-spouse. We regularly provide forward-thinking legal advice and are not afraid to get tough in negotiations or in court, where needed.

Contact Baker & Company in Toronto for Representation in a High Conflict Divorce 

At Baker & Company, we are committed to minimizing as much stress as possible for clients involved in a high-conflict divorce. We will help you understand what you can expect, help you communicate with your ex-spouse, put agreements into place to prevent future disputes from arising, and, above all, represent your best interests. With our help, you can focus on yourself and your children because we will be focusing on resolving outstanding financial, parenting, and other issues stemming from the breakdown of your relationship. Call us at 416-777-0100 or contact us online for a consultation.

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