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Family Law, High Conflict Divorces

ONCA Determines Habitual Residence Using SCC Model


Limitation Periods & Civil Litigation: An Overview

Real Estate Law, Residential Real Estate, Wills & Estates

Severing Joint Tenancy Via the ‘Course of Dealings’

Compensation Design, Employee Contracts & Agreements, Employment Law, Severance Packages And Severance Package Review, Wrongful Dismissal

Resignation & Restarting the Clock on Terms of Service

Family Law, High Conflict Divorces, Support Claims

Does a Wife’s Failure to Work After Divorce Constitute a Material Change?

Property Disputes, Real Estate Law, Residential Real Estate

Condominium Corporation Not Permitted to Reopen Approval Process for Structural Changes

Defamation And Social Media, Litigation

Anti-SLAPP Motions and Defamation Litigation

Estate Planning, Will Planning, Succession Planning & Inheritance Planning, Family Law, Second Marriage Issues, Wills & Estates

Estate Planning Concerns for Later in Life Relationships

Employee Policies (Including Sexual Harassment Policies), Employment Law

Human Rights Considerations for Employers in the Hiring Process

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