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Enforcement Of Foreign Judgments, Litigation

Service of Court Documents to Foreign Company Deemed Invalid


Courts Are Rejecting COVID-19 Excuses in Contract Disputes


Court Finds That a Party Cannot Unilaterally Change the Terms of an Agreement Due to COVID-19 Absent a Force Majeure Clause

Litigation, Real Estate Law, Residential Real Estate

Can I Back out of a Real Estate Contract Due to COVID-19?

Corporate & Commercial Law, Corporate Governance & Contracts, Litigation

“Force Majeure” Clauses & COVID-19

Litigation, Wills & Estates

Court Invokes Doctrine of Unconscionable Procurement in Estate Matter

Defamation And Social Media, Family Law

“False Light” Privacy Tort Invoked in Canada for the First Time

Corporate & Commercial Law, Defamation And Social Media, Litigation

Organization Unsuccessful in Blocking Defamation Claim as SLAPP Action

Litigation, Property Disputes, Real Estate Law, Residential Real Estate

Suing a Condo Corporation for a Delay in Repairs

Commercial Leases, Litigation, Real Estate Law

Anticipatory Breach of Contract & Limitation Periods

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