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Commercial Leases, Real Estate Law

Commercial & Residential Tenancies During COVID-19

Family Law

Shared Parenting During COVID-19

Corporate & Commercial Law, Doing Business In Canada

Financial Aid for Canadian Businesses Facing COVID-19 Challenges

Corporate & Commercial Law, Corporate Governance & Contracts, Litigation

“Force Majeure” Clauses & COVID-19

Hotel Employees, Hotel Law

Hotels & Other Hospitality Industries and COVID-19

Litigation, Wills & Estates

Court Invokes Doctrine of Unconscionable Procurement in Estate Matter

Defamation And Social Media, Family Law

“False Light” Privacy Tort Invoked in Canada for the First Time

Compensation Design, Employee Contracts & Agreements, Employment Law, Severance Packages And Severance Package Review

Will a Signed Release Always Prevent an Employee From Suing?

Family Law, High Conflict Divorces

Social Media & Family Disputes

Property Disputes, Real Estate Law, Residential Real Estate

Purchaser Denied Certificate of Pending Litigation on Closing Date

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