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Commercial Leases

Court Takes Judicial Notice of Landlord’s Racism in Commercial Lease Dispute

Doing Business In Canada

Court Rejects Retailer’s Application to Challenge Store Closures Under Ontario’s COVID-19 Legislation

Doing Business In Canada

HBC Goes to Court Over Ontario’s COVID-19 Measures

Real Estate Law

Ontario Introduces New Legislation for Real Estate Market

Doing Business In Canada

Ontario Court Refuses Store’s Request to Remain Open Despite Government Shutdown Under COVID-19 Measures

Wills & Estates

Son Goes to Court Over Possession of Two Guns Following His Father’s Death

Commercial Leases

Ontario and Quebec Courts Order Commercial Tenants to Pay Rent Despite COVID-19 Pandemic in Two New Cases

Wills & Estates

Court Dismisses Fraud and Conflict of Interest Allegations Against Estate Trustee in Family Dispute

Shareholder Agreements & Disputes

ONCA: Complex Shareholder Dispute Not Appropriate for Summary Judgment

Corporate & Commercial Law

SCC: Corporations Not Protected under “Cruel and Unusual Punishment”

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