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David Hamilton, J.D.

My primary interests have been Corporate, Commercial and Real Estate Law since the beginning of my career. Previously I practised in a large international law firm where I gained extensive experience advising financial institutions, corporations and real estate investors. Working on large, complicated transactions was particularly rewarding. As my career progressed, my responsibilities increased and I was able to contribute to the career development of a number of younger lawyers in the team environment that typifies these large, high-value transactions.

About five years ago, I decided to change the emphasis of my career and left the large firm environment. After a sabbatical in the US, I returned to Toronto and to the practice of law. It was an easy decision to choose the refreshing, service oriented, nimble environment that is Baker & Company. I have client relationships that I continue to value and nurture. I now have the freedom to sit on corporate and advisory boards and to work directly with stakeholders in successful private companies and investment corporations. Over the years, I have made many lasting friendships with business leaders and owners; relationships that I continue to value. It is particularly rewarding to be able to contribute to decision-making at this level and to play an important role in the growth of important enterprises.

I have very much enjoyed working with the exciting young lawyers at Baker & Company. My long-standing clients have enjoyed the transition to a boutique-law environment where there is a satisfying balance between youthful energy and the depth of experience of the senior lawyers . The focus and vision of Baker & Company has been particularly inspiring. The firm has developed some exciting ways to deliver